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One of the best training tools for Conformation Showing!
We start our puppies on them as early as 7 weeks old... they quickly learn to stand still and stack as if they were in the show ring.  Our older dogs take a couple of tries and they too catch on to the game.  These stacking tables are beautifully handcrafted in solid oak by a local cabinet maker.
For more information or shipping costs, please email me with your shipping address.
We ship throughout Canada & Internationally. 
 PayPal is accepted. I will also have the stacking tables available for purchase at this seasons ABIDs Dog Shows.... please check their show schedule for dates.
For more information, sizing and pricing… visit www.englishfarmkennels.com

Fashion harnesses and collars, leads for any purpose and style of life, as well as high quality training and daily muzzles are offered for you at a very affordable price.
Offering Luxurious Harnesses, Muzzles for Large Mastiff Breeds, Gorgeous Collars and Strong Leashes and many more.
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