ABI Dog Shows

                          All Breed International Dog Shows, Inc. 
                                 ABI Dog Shows is your place to come out and showcase your dogs!


Breed Clubs and/or Exhibitors: If you have a more up to date standard please email it to me so that I can update the standard on our website.  Thank you

Notice For Judges: All Faults & Disqualifications are printed in italics in the standards!

GROUPS: Are divided according to FCI Groups

WORKING - Pincher & Schnauzer, Molossoid Breeds, Swiss Mountain, Cattle Dogs & other breeds

SPORTING - Sporting, Retrievers, Flushing Dogs &  Water Dogs

HERDING - Sheepdogs & Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)

HOUND - Scenthounds, Dachshunds, Sighthounds & related breeds

COMPANION & EXOTIC -  Companion & Exotic breeds

TERRIER - Terrier breeds

SPITZ & PRIMITIVE - Spitz & Primitive breeds





Companion & Exotic


Spitz & Primitive